This article exposes the hidden reality behind the popular Catalan rebellion and the repressive answer of the Spanish State.

Many of you might not know Spain’s political frame and its nature:; we hope that this text helps you understand it.

With this article, we will try to expose the reasons why we believe all the Spanish citizens should support the Catalan self-determination referendum and the popular rebellion surrounding it.

As you will appreciate, the wield reasons have no relation to nationalism, independentism or identity issues.

What we are experiencing, is a supposed ‘flags’ fight’ in which the majority of involved people live it as such but actually, something more profound is hidden there.

For this reason, we are asking you to leave your flag aside while you read this article.

You can take it back afterwards.


Regular ‘El Robot Pescador’ readers, probably noticed that in the last articles we discussed the polemic Catalan independent process and also about the Spanish governmental forces that we refer as ‘The Regime.’

When we speak about ‘The Regime’, we refer to a power conglomerate which controls the country to its desire through an intricate network of interests.

The origin of this Regime goes back to Franco’s dictatorship (or even earlier). It extends to old novelty and aristocracy powers, the Royal Family, high state officials ‘almost on a hereditary basis’ who have been managing the propound mechanisms of the State, and obviously, high corporate and financial powers of the country, embodied in the corporations and top banks of IBEX-35 during decades.

This powerful network is above the Spanish political avatars.


They were here during the Francoism, and they are still keeping the exact same position and the same power during ‘democracy’.

The fake socialist Susana Díaz rendering homage to one of the country owners (Santander Bank President) as it corresponds to any good Regime’s subject.

This is so mainly because they were conducting the false Spanish transition.

That ‘democratic’ transition was a geostrategic necessity: EU was going to be formed; one of the biggest elite’s global projects to set up globalisation, an EU initially launched by the USA to obtain a centralised, compliant and controlled Europe in the form of a big market-colony.

To build that future EU (with the previous common market step), was necessary to eliminate the old south- European dictatorships, it was an appearance issue.

Northern- European advanced democracies could not justify a ‘pairing’ with fascist dictatorships that soon would be obsolete with the imminent fall of the Soviet bloc.

Along the 70’s Greek, Portuguese and Spanish dictatorships were enabled or impelled to fall.

To conduct a political transition from Dictatorship to Democracy in a country there are two options:

-The first choice is to change the state from top to bottom, eliminating the ruling elites of the dictator system, starting from zero which would involve a violent revolution or even a civil war to evict the old powers controlling the state.

-The second option is to agree with the ruling elites and let them manage the transition; that implies to allow the rulers to set up the new ‘democratic regime’ at their ease to continue keeping privileged positions, but under a new look that will allow the incorporation of the country to the new geostrategic frame.

This is what happened in Spain.

The heir of Franco, the King Juan Carlos I, led the symbolic transition to a simulated democracy.

Leaders were renewed at a service of North American interests such as the presumed socialist, former President Felipe Gonzalez whose first mission, at a service of the external power that set him president, was to get Spain into NATO and subsequently to the EEC (European Economic Community).

A supposed cultural revolution the ‘Movida Madrileña’ (always indispensable in such cases) was launched ‘from the circle of powers’ to be used as iconography for the masses of the population to ‘visualise’ the presumed change of Regime.

Externally, it seemed like a transition towards democracy but actually, everything continued the same; the Elites’ Regime were still the same and continued maintaining the same rates of power.

The only thing they needed was to reconfigure and re-structure the lower echelons of power serving the elites, those that we could qualify as ‘lieutenants’ and ‘henchmen’, so they could adjust to the new democratic look of the Regime.

Jordi Pujol boss of an Opus Dei mafia clan; always anti-independence. The Regime Elites have sacrificed a loyal subject, at the Regime’s service for decades, when convenient: the deserved destiny for a traitor and collaborationist like him…we are still waiting for him to be put in jail…

For that, a new political class was created (PSOE socialists at capital services, tamed ex-communists, stuck syndicalist, collaborationist regional nationalists, etc.…) that allowed setting the democracy theatre to keep masses misled and entertain.

If moral corruption had a face, it would be his.

Obviously, these mafia-type lieutenants have been fighting among themselves because of diverse ranges of power to get more significant profits.

Political fights between themselves had been real … but, never biting superior rulers, the Regime Elites were, are, and will be their MASTERS.

This magnificent setting garnished with the bred of a whole constellation of Regime collaborationists who to take their profits do whatever needed to keep the system standing to not to lose their privileges: intellectuals, scholars, journalists, artists, etc.…

Here, there is a magnificent group of Regime servants, with a close relationship to the corrupt gangsters of PSOE, tooth and nail defenders of the REGIME that allowed them to fill their pockets during decades. Their public manifest published at El Pais journal, the voice of Bilderberg in Spain. That explains it all.

Each one of them with a presumed political or ideological affiliation but all defending the Regime that feeds them.

This is the current Spanish Regime.


A clear example of what the Spanish Regime is can be seen with Planeta Group (Grupo Planeta), from Lara’s family who controls the media empire of Atresmedia.

The founder of this media empire was Jose Manuel Lara (afterwards made Marquis of Pedroso), a ‘very kind gentleman’ enrolled on the Francoist side during the civil war and precisely  under the command of General Yagüe ( called the ‘Badajoz butcher’ due to his war crimes)

As Legionary Captain, Lara entered Barcelona where he settled ‘making a fortune’.

How did he do it? Well, after the civil war in the middle of a brutal repression against Catalan population in which he actively collaborated, this ‘great man’ was stealing at gunpoint the scarce prime material that could be found to edit and print from different Catalan publishing companies. With that and the support of the dictatorship, he was elected head of the Vertical Graphic Arts syndicate, eliminating any competitors while building his publishing empire.

This is how one of the important the Regime Elite piece was erected.

With the false Democratic transition, the media power of Planeta Group, which rose up through extortion, not only did not decrease, but it even increased when they became significant shareholders of Atresmedia Group, that controls critical channels of the country: la Sexta and Antena 3.

La Sexta is a ‘left-wing’ ‘progressive’ channel fervent opponent of the Popular Party.

On the other hand, we have Antena 3 with a more conservative editorial line, a supporter of the Popular Party.

Matias Prats the face of Antena3. Matias Prats Cañete’s son that gave the voice to Franco’s Regime, as well as the voice of the NO-DO and bullfights during the dictatorship… and of course, his son was well-positioned thanks to the false democratic transition.

And here is where we find the great metaphor of what  the Regime’s reality is.
Its authentic nature.

Before us, the look of the left wing and the right side politically confronted, reflected in two masses TV channels apparently ideologically opposed which belong to the same Elites of the Regime.

The best way to visualise it is imagining a puppeteer entertaining us with fights and confrontations between two puppets, one in each hand.

And underneath the puppet theatre, a group of children shouting (us the population) submitted and stupefied masses standing up for one or another puppet, the ‘blue’ or the ‘red’.

The puppeteer doesn’t mind the children shrieks, neither which of the puppets have to win at ‘today’s function.’

The puppets and the puppet theatre are his belongings and this is the only thing that matters.

In fact, seen that the children have begun to get bored of the ‘blue’ and the ‘red’ puppets, the puppeteer created two new puppets: the ‘orange’ and the ‘purple’.

Within the Spanish reality, those two new puppets are the new political phenomena parties: Ciudadanos and Podemos whose their only task is to keep the function going and continue entertaining the stupefied masses.

Do you remember that either Ciudadanos and Podemos were launched at TV channels and media property of the Regime Elites?

Do not doubt about both puppets being created to perform a specific role-play.
Basically, Ciudadanos is in charge of accelerating the repressive timings of the Regime as well as helping to reinforce and support it.

While Podemos focused on gathering all the unhappy ‘revolutionaries,’ to make them waste time on an endless blah, blah, blah. Preventing them from tearing down the Regime under the promise if people vote them (during the next polls in few years’ time) when they reach power (so never) they will change everything.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter which puppet children stand for the red, blue, orange or purple.

They all speak through the puppeteer’s mouth and  comply with the mandate’s roleplay…


Here is where the Popular Rebellion we are living in Catalonia comes into context.

The independence process changes everything because it doesn’t circumscribe at the fake democratic conflict but it directly attacks the Regime’s existence.

We will see it clearly if we continue with the puppeteer and the puppet theatre metaphor.

It turns out that suddenly, in the middle of the play of this  puppet theatre, a rebel child has stood up and said: ‘I am fed up with this puppet show; I want to leave and play with a ball.’

Damn child!

He is not supporting any puppet… he wants to leave!

This is what Catalans did when they said that they liked to vote to decide their future. They have warned that they are keen to stand up and leave the function because they are fed up with the pantomime and the bloody puppets.

They are fed up with the Regime.

What has the answer of the puppeteer been?

So, we have all seen it: facing the child’s protest both puppets, the red and the blue, gave up the ridiculous role of fighting between them and have started to insult the child, to ridicule him in front of other children trying to get his colleagues to oblige him to sit back and continue watching the play.

That is EXACTLY what the media at the Regime service did.

All of the sudden, they have stopped being ‘left wing’ or ‘right wing’ and they have started to work in unison saying the same things about what is occurring in Catalonia, spreading the same insults, manipulations and lies.

We have seen it with la Sexta and Antena 3. We have seen it WITH ALL of them.
There is no difference in the editorial lines of el Periodico, el Pais, el Mundo, el Español, OK diario, la Razón, ABC, Trece, COPE, Onda Cero, TVE, Cuatro or Intereconomia… they have forgotten if they have to perform the blue or the red puppet because now, the one directly speaking is the puppeteer, the Regime Elites.

Now, above everything else the most important is to prevent this rebel and insolent child from standing up and going to play with the ball; as others could go with him and the puppet show would finish.

The control among children would be over, therefore, the business too.

The Regime would come to grief and it would blow away all the bloodsuckers that live in it.

In fact, this puppeteer sees his business at risk and has converted his puppets in fists and angered left the puppet theatre going after the impertinent child forcing and obliging him to stay.

Indeed, he is asking other children to collaborate, to insult the child for standing and wanting to leave asking them to beat him if he tries to go…
With his hands stuffed in the ridiculous puppets and shouting with a grotesque reedy voice, currently hoarse by an overwhelmed fury, the puppeteer is trying to convince other children that the rebel boy is ‘bad’, he is a ‘fool’, a criminal that wants to behead the poor puppets because a ‘malign genie’ convinced him to do it.

He threatens the boy saying that if he leaves, he will get lost in the woods and ‘he’ll be eaten by the wolves.’

This is EXACTLY what is happening in Spain at the moment.

We have a Regime that has become frantic having seen himself at risk and  who treats people that only want to vote as terrorists.

We have seen how all masks have fallen and how all lieutenants, bullies, henchmen, bloodsuckers and people who are taking all kinds of profit from the Regime, came out to defend it tooth and nail, from Felipe Gonzalez to Jose Maria Aznar, from Perez Reverte to Serrat, from Eduardo Inda to Jordi Évole.

Serrat, another protected of the Regime. An arms dealer and a state terrorist acting at rallies… now he opposes to the Catalan Revolution, as it corresponds…

For this reason, ‘el Robot Pescador’ has positioned in favour of the Catalan Rebellion.

We do not want to be part of this group of troubled children, licking asses that repress their colleague just because he wants to abandon the play.

We were not born to serve the Master.

Nor no Master.

At the farewell video, cheering the units of the Guardia Civil leaving Huelva Command in Andalusia, going to suppress the Catalan population raising against the Master… and who is only asking to VOTE for their future.

The indoctrinated hate crowd is what we see in the video, they are shameful for all Andalusian people whom along the history full of dignity, YES they fought against masters, bluebloods and oppressor landlords instead of serving them with heads down as this rabble does…

A crowd that got his rights not because of the emetic servility, but thanks to all these people with dignity that along the country’s history rebelled against Masters.

This is why we insist on the need to understand from every corner of Spain that this is not about flags; it is about taking advantage of this ‘rebel child’ who rose up, to go with him and end up with the Regime, collapsing the magnificent structures controlled by the group of criminal and corrupt elites.

It is time to create a new country.

Do not let them lie to nor manipulate you anymore through the elites’ media disinformation.

They converted Spain into a private cottage for their corrupt operations and larcenies.

A Regime that has stolen 40.000 million euros from social security reserve funds, which were there to guarantee the pensioners payments, have been given to banks owned by the Regime Elites.

Money that these corrupt Regime elites have STOLEN.  As a consequence the government will be obliged to ask for an instant credit of 10.000 million to pay pensioners (credits PAID BY ALL of us), due to having reaved the Reserved Funds to safe THEIR BANKS, there isn’t enough money to face next year’s monthly installments.

Well, along with their repressive reaction, that corrupt, criminal and thief rabble, knows that Catalan rebellion is jeopardising them as nobody did before.

Otherwise, take a closer look: these Regime Elites, had never reacted so repressively; not even when the terrorist band ETA was killing politicians, police officers or army members in the Basque country.

National police vans in Barcelona to bring democracy… concept that reminds us a lot of the ‘Democratic Bombings’ of the USA around the world…

Because actually, the ETA terrorism was not jeopardising the Regime, but was helping to legitimate it, as any terrorist movement.

However, what is happening in Catalonia, with these hundreds of thousands of people that are keen to peacefully disobey in the streets, it is putting it in GRAVE DANGER.

That is why they are sending boats full of riot police officers to repress it no matter how.

Catalan novelty assure to be ‘loyal to Felipe VI’ and entirely against the process. Aristocrats are scared to lose their titles or money if independence is delcared.

If you don’t believe it, just observe how the bankers and financial elites reacted against the Catalan rebellion. Through bombastic declarations from the Spanish confederation CEOE and its Catalan branch of employment promotion, Fomento del trabajo; how the top banks and financial entities, from Santander bank to the Catalan economic elites like La Caixa or Sabadell bank furiously opposed to the Catalan independence.

Back in the year 1919, in a speech pronounced at the Madrid Athenaeum by the leading Catalan anarcho-syndicalist Salvador Seguí, ‘the sugar boy’, he synthetically clarified:

‘Be sure, friends from Madrid who are listening, if we were speaking seriously about the Catalan independence from the Spanish State, the first ones against it would be the capitalists from the Regional League (Catalan Tories) and the (Catalan business forum) Fomento del Trabajo Nacional’.

One hundred years later, that warning has become a materialised prophecy.

All business and banking elites of Catalonia are against Catalan independence, a clear evidence that the root of the rebellion starts from lower levels and it is an authentic popular movement.

Emilio Botin, who was the chief of Santander bank, declared that ‘he was only worried about Catalonia’ and entities such as Andabank (where Pujol’s family money was hidden who has always been cooperating with the Regime) warned that ‘the biggest risk for the IBEX35 was the 1st October Referendum’.

Not mentioning the furious reaction of Prisa group, led by one of the fixed pieces of the Bilderberg group, Juan Luis Cebrián, who is asking the suspension of the Catalan Autonomy with the article 155 of the Constitution, crushing once and for all the Catalan revolutionaries.

In case you aren’t convinced yet, observe the reaction of the European Union high powers. The conspiratorial silence, with the police repression, against people who wanted to vote to decide the future peacefully.

Of course, their aim is repression!

What would happen if the population of their countries would also start to go out in masses disobeying before any outrage?

A lot of intoxicated by the Spanish ultra-right wing Regime and its accomplices paid by the ’ alternative conspiracy’, they speak about the ‘dark elites that manipulated Catalans’… so, they can tell us Where is the support of these presumed elites dark powers that are launching the Catalan secessionism?

For the time being, these elites are only aggressively manifesting against independence, from the Economist, property of the Rothschild family, to JP Morgan and sizable financial rating agencies.

So, stop believing in the theatre, forget what puppets are saying with their funny distorted voices and observe the reality as it is.

Move out from this theatrical fiction, look straight into the puppeteer’s eyes and observe his uncontrolled anger reaction against that ‘rebellious child’, that disobedient Catalan society that wants to stand up and leave.

Take note of how the whole Regime, in a monolithic form, has reacted against the independent Catalan movement and ask yourselves: why?

Observe shamefully how the servant Spain, indoctrinated facing the Master’s humiliation during centuries, the one that doesn’t speak up when everything is stolen, supporting with cheering the ones that will repress those who dare to rise.

Now is decision time if we all rise against this criminal Regime that kidnapped Spain, or if we decide to support the Masters and clap the repression, this time against the Catalan subleaders and tomorrow against any other ‘rebellious’ collective that does not comply.

This is the authentic core of what is happening…

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  2. Valla mi Robot Pescador . Ahora si que ya ni se te entiende.un extenso reportaje para el auditorio de habla inglesa que en verdad están atentos a la madre patria de la hispanidad en sus tribulaciones o una forma de no información a la gran mayoría de habla hispana queen verdad nos interesa lo de la madre patria de la hispanidad? Valla situaciones tan contradictorias de ROBOT PESCADOR.

    • Si claro subnormal, solo 18 comentarios y todos en castellano, lo que quieres es intentar internacionalizar el problema con mentiras pero si ni en españa te leen, payaso, que te hace pensar que te leeran en ingles, aunque grites, llores, te des contra la pared, Jamas españa se dividira en dos.

  3. This English translation of your previous article, originally written and published in Spanish, provides clear evidence of your allegiance to the globalists interests.
    Every decent reader should boycott you from now on as your content is no information but plain intoxication.
    Shame on you, Robot !


  5. veo que los “patriotas” españoles y mucho españoles están muy nerviosos…muy alternativos mientras gusta lo que se oye, pero a la que no…¡¡como os alineáis con la versión oficial!!

  6. …………..PARA CAMBIAR EL MUNDO………………………………………..





  7. hay mucho valiente, que se esconde detras de un “anonimo“ , y tambien mucho ecspanhol ignorante que da su opinion, cuando no interesa a nadie, este blog, no es necesario leerlo, por lo tanto, mejor os dedicais en la cueva, primero a escribir correctamente el cagastellano , que lo destrozais cada vez que garabateais supuestos mensajes, que se han de traducir de garrulo ponzonhoso a cagastellano, que yo lo hablo y escribo mejor que esos supuestos patriotas.agur, dashvidania , adeu siau, hasta nunca ¡¡¡¡

    • Tu presunto comentario, está tan repleto de faltas de ortografía y de gramática , que hace daño a la vista y aún así, te permites el lujo de decir que nos dediquemos a escribir correctamente el español?
      Aún estás a tiempo de volver al colegio y así aprenderás al menos un poquito de ESPAÑOL, no ”ecspanhol ”.

  8. Por que cojones no lo pones en Español. Acaso pretendes crear ideología fuera de España para que apoyen la independencia de Cataluña que traería el colapso financiero de este país y posterior salida de la Unión Europea???

  9. Robot,

    Dans l’attente de la traduction de ton “chef d’oeuvre” en français, ce qui ne saurait pas tarder après l’effort déjà réalisé pour la langue anglaise, tu trouveras ci-joint un article d’aujourd’hui d’un média français sur l’opinion que la presse internationale se fait de l’indépendance catalane.

    L’article s’intitule ‘insupportable coup d’état catalan’ et souligne, en outre, l’effet pervers du journalisme biaisé, comme le tien, pour escamoter l’information et intoxiquer l’opinion publique. Info versus intox.

    Le texte est plein de perles dont tu pourrais utilement t’en servir comme matière à réflexion.

    Enfin, la question est vieille comme le monde: on récolte ce que l’on sème.
    Très bonne lecture!


  10. Dear god, these separatists speak & make up stuff like they’re lobotomized… you’re becoming the laughing stock of the European continent. Please write an article about your “genetic” & intellectual superiority theories, and also about how you think Catalonia is the mother of European culture, that stuff is so darn hilarious!! Disgraceful lunatics.

  11. Congrats for this enlightening article which I have reblogged and sent to many contacts of mine in both the Spanish and English versions. Many of us, Catalans, will never forget the extreme violence of October 1. I wrote a poem about the current situation in Catalonia and attached the BCC video that shows the brutality. As a member of Amnesty International all I can say is that argument of force is totally unacceptable: https://momentsbloc.wordpress.com/2017/10/09/when-tomorrow-comes/


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